Political Landscape New Zealand

Dear candidates

The Political Compass™ allows individuals to understand where they fit within the political landscape. There is an overall assessment of where political parties lie made by The Political Compass™ organisation, but there is no publicly available assessment of every single standing candidate.

The idea behind Political Landscape NZ is simply to list every candidate in the 2020 General Election alongside their Political Compass™ score and to provide this database to the public.
By sharing your score with us, you can be more transparent and help your electorate understand where you fit in the political landscape to make an informed decision when it’s time to vote.

Step 1
Take the test

Understand where you fit in the political landscape by taking the test on The Political Compass™ website.
There’s no wrong answer, be honest.
If you’re representing a candidate, ask them to take the test, not you; they will be the one ultimately making decisions in Parliament.

Take the test

Step 2
Share it with us

Once you have your score, send it to us alongside your full name, electorate and political group at candidates@politicallandscape.nz using your campaign email address.
Your score will not be made public until the official list of running candidates is released.

Share my score

Thank you for helping New Zealanders understand their political landscape!

We are available to answer any questions you might have at candidates@politicallandscape.nz

The Political Landscape NZ team